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Motorized blinds and shades are available for all products, allowing you to control your window covering via remote control, smart phone, tablet or Alexa.

We work with Somfy and Rollease motors which are packed with the latest technology an are both covered by a 5 year manufacturer warranty.

We carry both rechargeable wire free motors with internal lithium battery and also hard wired electric motors. Electric motors are the stronger and are therefore ideal for oversized shades or hard to reach windows, however they do require dedicated power so if there’s a hurricane and you happen to lose power, you won’t be able to operate your shades.

Rechargeable motors are a less expensive alternative that do not need to be hooked up to a power source and are a great option for small to large shades. Our heavy duty rechargeable motors can lift a shade up to 147” wide by 120” tall.


There are many benefits to upgrading to motorized shades. To begin with, they eliminate the hassle of having to manually open and close your shades everyday. This is an especially nice feature to have in bedrooms or other rooms you are frequently raising and lowering your shades.

Motorized shades also eliminate any choking hazard associated with chains, and are therefore a great solution for parents of young children and pets.

With a smart hub, you can also program your shades to open and close when you’re away from the home, simulating your presence and discouraging any possible intruders.

Product specification


Max size BATTERY operated (wire free) : W 144” x  H 120″

Max size HARD WIRED motors (electric) : W 220″ x H 145″

Somfy & Rollease – 5 Year Warranty : Electric, wire free rechargeable battery, Solar powered
Controlling motorized shades: wall switch / remote control / smart phone / tablet or Alexa
Top treatment: L shaped facia, Fabric insert cassette, Square box cassette
Colors for top treatment and bottom: White, Anodized silver, Ivory, Black & Bronze
Bottom treatment: Heat sealed, slim , Oval, Wrapped around fabric & Deluxe bottom rails

Questions and Answers

What to expect when calling us?

Friendly advice, speedy service, 5-10 days production time.

How much is our service cost?

Estimates and advices are completely free and it depends on the size of the window and the selection of fabric and other finishes.

How long warranty last?

12 months to 5 years depending on the product

What to do after warranty expires:

Our clients are family and they never need to do anything besides calling us and we fix any issue for them for a really small fee.

What to do if a chain connector broke?

Call us and we will happy sent you connector that can’t break for free.

What to do if a shade doesn’t go fully up?

Look for a small stopper on the chain and move it downward, if it’s because it reaches the connector then you’ll need to take the clutch out of the tube and move connector downward .

Do we repair shades?

We only repair our own

Do we clean shades?


How to clean the Roller shade fabric if it got dirty?

use unused toothbrush fill up a cup of water with splash of gentle hand soap and gently mix it and soak the toothbrush then after drying toothbrush a bit clean the fabric.

Where do we manufacture our shades?

Only locally

How are we different ?

working directly with the best manufacturers with the 1 very experienced expert which will also do the installation, no pushy sales people that get commission, no showroom or store front let’s us offer discounts nobody else can, service is also way better and no reason to tip the installer, our reviews speak for themselves, and we promise to exceed your expectations.

frequently asked questions

How wide can a motorized roller shade be?

Somfy electric motor can pull 200’’ wide shade by 145’’ long. But there is often the need to split the shades with an intermediate bracket (both shades will move together with a split in the middle). Without a split, with electric motor (one shade), the max width is 168’’ by 120’’ tall but we did 178” wide by 90” tall and it works great . Also, the max-width for a rechargeable motors is 147’’ by 110” long, and the minimum window width required for a rechargeable somfy motor is 16 3/4” wide so if your window is smaller we can’t motorize it.

How wide can a motorized zebra shade be?

The width of a motorized zebra shade depends on the total width of the fabric you choose. If the fabric is 110’’ wide – like most fabrics – then the shade can be 111’’ wide at maximum size.

What are the smallest motorized shades?

The smallest motorized shade is with a rechargeable Somfy motor R28. However, this motor requires an external battery, The smallest possible width is 16 3/4”. You can charge the external battery using a wall charger. For internal battery motor, the minimum width needed for Somfy 30mm internal battery motor is 28”, and with Rollease minimum width needed for internal battery motor is 25”.

What do I need to know about motorized blinds?

Hardwire electric motors often cost more than rechargeable motors. Also, the side gaps are bigger. With electric motors, the size of valance is larger. This is an ideal option for hard-to-reach and for large shades over 146’’ wide.

Furthermore, it is important to know that motorized blinds with low voltage systems will cost a lot more (we don’t offer this type). The low-voltage motors are nearly three-times costlier than rechargeable motors.

A good motor is extremely important because, without a good motor in excellent working condition, you may be unable to move the shades at all.

Unfortunately, trying to replace a low-quality motor with a good brand after some time will be costly. Hence, make sure you know which motor you’re getting. Our experts only recommend hardwired motors for big shades or hard-to-reach shades and rechargeable wire-free motors for everything else.

Are motorized shades reliable?

A motor is only as good as its components. We use very high quality, reliable motors by Somfy and Rollease, each which are backed with a five year warranty.  Beware of companies that try and sell you cheaply produced Chinese or off-label motors.

Do motorized shades need an outlet?

If shades are really big or situated at a high place, it is important that you add an outlet. Also, if you can reach the shades with a ladder, then a rechargeable motor may be an ideal option. Conversely, heavy-duty rechargeable motor can pull 147 wide by 110’’ tall. Hence, most openings are good enough with heavy-duty rechargeable motor.

What is the difference between a rechargeable motor and an electric motor?

Rechargeable motors are now completely wire-free and operate with a built-in lithium-ion battery that only needs to be charged once a year or up to 500-1000 cycles in most cases. They are less expensive than electric motors, and eliminate the need to perform any electric work.

Conversely, electric motors are hardwired and may require an electrician to run the wiring through the walls (Unless you don’t mind the cord). If you purchase your shades from our company, we can also bring our own electrician to help with the installation. However, you’ll need to paint wall after completing the installation project. Also, electric motors are ideal for very large shades that rechargeable motors can’t lift or for very tall windows you won’t be able to reach the motor.

How to recharge a rechargeable motor?

To recharge the built-in battery of the motor, follow the steps below:
  • Connect the power cord to the motorhead where there’s a black and white short wire.
  • Connect the charger to it like you would with a phone.
  • Plug the charger into an outlet.

We recommend charging your motors overnight after you get them installed.

What brands of motors do you carry?

We use Somfy and Rollease motors. Both companies have up to 5 year warranty on their motors.

Rollease vs. Somfy?

Normally, I almost always go with Somfy if both options are available (backorders). Somfy has been around longer. The Somfy brand is better in keeping motors in stock. Though, both companies have an incredibly reliable reputation with 5 year warranty on all their motors.

What’s more, both Rollease and Somfy have a very similar noise level. Though, Somfy has a slight advantage with ultra-quiet technologies with electric and rechargeable options. Conversely, Rollease U.S.-made remotes are aesthetically nicer, though, they are more susceptible to damage if they fall.

Also, Somfy remotes have better functionality for operating multiple shades in groups. However, you need free channels to enjoy this. For instance, if you have a 16 channel Somfy remote and you have channels that aren’t used then you have the option to group few shades together without affecting all the other shades. Unfortunately, you may be unable to do this with Rollease remotes.

The Rollease remote has a unique feature that allows you to lock the access to settings. In contrast, Somfy does not have the option to lock the remote. For example, if someone sits on a Somfy remote they may accidentally be able to change the settings or the limits.

Furthermore, both motors come in a range of size options that can operate very small to very large shades. Rollease has a slight advantage over Somfy with big sizes if it’s rechargeable and shades are very wide 147’’ max.

Rollease also has a convenient feature with their 16 channel remote that allows you to stop all the shades at the same height without having to press the stop button. Hence, if all windows are on the same length Rollease has a very nice setting that Somfy doesn’t.

To explain this best with Somfy and Rollease, you can pre-select 1 favorite position for each motor. The favorite position is set up before so the shades know which point to stop if you don’t want all the way up or all the way down without pressing stop.

With Somfy you will be unable to level all the shades at any point. Conversely, Rollease offers this advantage if all shades are the same length. Actually, it’s a very nice feature to be able to level all shades at any point and not only on favorite position point.

Rollease has the advantage with 16 channel remote because it cost less by more than $120 compared with Somfy 16 channel remote that’s more expensive. However, the Somfy 16 channel looks more serious and can move shades in groups if you haven’t used all the channels.

Furthermore, Rollease remote battery need changing more often but it’s easy to replace. Conversely, Somfy is harder to replace but you’ll be amazed how many years a battery lasts with Somfy remote.

Also, with Somfy Rechargeable 30mm motors, there’s a button that allows you to control shades without the remote control. In contrast, with Rollease, you must have the remote to move shades.

Charging motors for both companies is similar using a special charger. Rollease charger comes with a longer cord to recharge the shades. Therefore, unlike Somfy, you may not need an extension cord with Rollease.

Are motorized shades compatible with smartphones or voice control?

Yes, smart hubs are available as an additional add-on to make the shades smart. Both the Somfy myLink and Pulse 2 Hub by Rollease allows you to control your shades remotely or with Alexa or a phone app, there’s also a product a client in parkland told us about and I saw it in action, the device name is BOND, it cost only $99 on Amazon, Half of Somfy and Rollease hub prices, this device works just the same, it allows you to connect radio frequency devices like fans and more, and I know it’s compatible with Somfy, I’m still not sure if it’s compatible with Rollease, pretty sure it is but best to check first, with an hub you can personalize shade groupings, set automatic timers to raise and lower your shades, and operate your shades through Alexa and set scenes. Likewise, you can connect the motorized shades to a few smart systems if they are compatible.

Is Somfy a good brand?

Yes, Somfy offers very reliable motors with excellent compatibility and sound levels. Somfy currently has almost 9k employees and are in 57 countries. Somfy started in 1969, and home automation started in 1981. In 1997, Somfy integrated radio technology into its motors.

How much does a Somfy motor cost?

It depends on the size of the shade and also if it is an electric or Rechargeable motor. Roughly each motor cost between $300 and $500.

How long do batteries last in motorized blinds?

A lithium wire-free motor can last roughly a year or 500-1000 cycles depending on the size of the shade being lifted.

How do motorized blinds work?

The motor is located inside the tube, so it’s invisible both with rechargeable and electric versions. With a click on remote control, you’ll be able to lower or raise the shades. If you had a smart hub, you’d be able to use voice control to control the shades.

What motorized blinds work with Alexa?

Both Rollease and Somfy smart hubs are compatible with Alexa and can be purchased separately at any time, there’s also a product a client in parkland told us about and I saw it in action, the device name is BOND, it cost only $99 on Amazon, Half of Somfy and Rollease hub prices, this device works just the same, it allows you to connect radio frequency devices like fans and more all on one app, and I know it’s compatible with Somfy, We are not sure if it’s compatible with Rollease yet.

How much do smart shades cost?

If your shades are already motorized, then you just need to make sure they are compatible with a hub. You can purchase a hub for about $200.  The overall price of the shade will vary depending on size and materials.

How do smart blinds work?

If your blinds are smart, you won’t need a remote control. You’ll be able to control the shades or blinds with an app on any smart device or with Alexa voice control. Also, you’ll be able to control everything from anywhere. Likewise, you can set up times for the shades or blinds to open and close on their own.

How to make Shades smart?

To make your shades smart, you need to check the type of motor you have. If it’s compatible with a smart hub, then purchase a hub and that will make your shades smart.

Can I motorize existing blinds?

In most cases, yes, it is possible to motorize your existing blinds. However, in some cases, you may have to return the blinds to the manufacturer. Often tie, this will depend on the type of shade and tube.

How to program Somfy or Rollease remote?

The easiest way to program Somfy or Rollease remote is to watch a YouTube video or to call us or the manufacturer directly. For Somfy, dial 1(800) 227-6639, and for Rollease 1(800) 552-5100.

How to fix motorized blinds/shades?

You can troubleshoot problems by watching YouTube videos or consulting directly with the manufacturer. Your remote control will usually let you know the type of motor. Hence, you can send us a picture of your remote if you’re not sure.

Thankfully, we rarely have issues because we use reputable motors only. If your motorized Shades were installed through our company, then call our experts whenever you have an issue. Even if your motorized Shades weren’t installed through us, we could still try to check out the issue and find a possible solution.

Can Motorized blinds be used manually?

No, if your motor or remote control are not working properly, then you won’t be able to control your shades unless it’s Somfy Sonnesse 30mm motor, also known as st30. With this motor, you’ll be able to control shades without the remote control. There’s a button on the motor head, which is accessible if you’re able to reach it.

Are Motorized blinds worth it?

Actually, it all depends on who you ask. Some clients install Motorized blinds as a precaution with little children. We may not be able to put a price on this. Nevertheless, with roller shades, we secure all our manual chains to the wall. Hence, small children can’t choke themselves with the cords. Some clients do this to save valuable time.

Also, we only use reputable motors. Hence, the price may seem a bit expensive at first. It really depends which Shades you’re motorizing. If it’s your master bedroom and it’s a blackout, then you’ll probably use the shades a lot. This makes a motor very beneficial, especially if you have numerous windows.

If it’s a 5% or 10% solar shade, you probably won’t move the shades a lot. Therefore, motor blinds make less sense. In my opinion, if you know you’ll lower and raise shades every day, then a motor is a good investment. However, keep in mind that if it’s a doorway and you want to be able to raise Shades fast, blinds with manual chains may be the right choice. You can raise and lower shades faster. Lastly, if you’re a renter or you plan on selling the item, then motorization is probably not a good investment.

How long do Motorized shades last?

Roughly rechargeable motors will last 5 to 10 years if used wisely or even more. However, I may be unable to give you’re the exact number of years because this technology is new. In fact, I haven’t had any cause to replace motors even after the 5 year warranty is over. With electric motors, the warranty is the same. Though, these motors should last from 10 to 20 years, or even more.

Do motorized blinds break?

If manufactured with a reputable brand of motors and knowledgeable, experienced manufacturer and it’s installed correctly then no, you shouldn’t have problems, especially if we installed it.

How often do you charge motorized blinds?

According to the manufacturer, a full charge should last a year or up to 500-1000 cycles. However, each motor is unique. The bigger 45mm motor will hold more power than a 30mm motor. It will also carry more weight. Hence, it’s a combination of motor size and overall weight motor need to pull, Somfy motor stutter when running low on power and Rollease motor beeps to notify you that it’s time to recharge. Hence, if you have blackout shades with side channels, then it will be difficult to reach the charging cable. If your motor drains when the shade is completely down, you may need to charge it more often.

Do motorized blinds have batteries?

Having battery depends on what year shades were made. There is a Tube that holds 7 batteries in older Somfy motors. If it’s the newer generation of motors that we sell to you, then you won’t need to replace batteries.

Currently, all the motors we sell are lithium-ion powered, wire-free motors. You never have to replace batteries like it was done in the past. All Rechargeable motors we sell are wire free with internal battery, excluding very small shades. As a result of the very narrow shades, you may need external battery. You can recharge the external battery with a wall charger.

How do you reset motorized blinds?

After knowing which brand of motors you have, you can look up a video on YouTube. If the shades are programmed correctly, you’ll probably never have to reset the motorized blinds. Also, if you need to adjust the bottom or top limit, you don’t need to do a full reset.

A short YouTube video can explain how or you can call us. If shades are going up when pressing the down arrow, or if nothing seems to work, then a full reset is necessary. However, the procedure to reset the blinds is different if it’s an electric or Rechargeable motor. Hence, ensure that you include this in your search.

How are motorized shades powered?

Motorized shades are powered using internal Rechargeable lithium-ion motors or external rechargeable battery motors. Both types of motors can be charged through:
  • An outlet and a special wall charger, or
  • Hard wired electric motors using 110 volt.

There’s also a low voltage motor that are very expensive, but we don’t sell this type. You may also add a solar panel in some cases to keep the rechargeable motor charged.


Motorized blinds & shades are the perfect solution for hard to reach windows & For homes with kids thanks to their child safety feature and are available in a wide range of styles, textures and power options. With Somfy my link, you can also control the blinds and shades through a mobile app, Alexa voice control or other smart devices. Take automation a step further with by programming specific times for your blinds to open to close to maximize privacy and help regulate the interior temperature and reduce utility bills. Perhaps best of all, our motorization comes with a 5 year warranty to protect your investment and we won’t send you parts, we take care of everything for you.

“We offer unbeatable rates for motorized shades and blinds in Palm Beach and Broward counties.”

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