Welcome to our 1% Solar Shades Gallery, where you can explore various projects that showcase the unique features of these window treatments. The 1% openness of the fabric achieves a delicate balance between natural light, privacy, and outward daytime view. However, keep in mind that during nighttime, when interior lights are on, privacy may be slightly reduced due to the openness of most 1% materials. From a few feet away, people will only see movement, but from very close to the window, privacy may be impacted.

To improve privacy and reduce glare on the material, while allowing for a more limited view, we recommend choosing lighter-colored 1% screens. These shades offer enhanced nighttime privacy, but some materials might not provide complete privacy if someone is very close to the window at night. For those seeking total privacy both day and night, we have 1% screens available that completely block outside visibility. However, be aware that if you lower these shades during the day, you won’t be able to see through them.

As you peruse our gallery and watch the videos, you’ll notice the impressive outdoor views afforded by our 1% solar shades. This is achieved through a combination of minimal glare and a touch of openness in the material. These shades create the perfect harmony between function and style, transforming your space into a comfortable, open, and inviting environment. Discover the benefits of our 1% solar shades and make an informed decision for your window covering needs.
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