Welcome to our Blackout with Side Channels Gallery, where we showcase the incredible impact of side channels when added to regular blackout shades. Side channels are designed to eliminate side gaps, turning a dark room into a pitch-black sanctuary for rest and relaxation. Measuring 2 1/2 inches wide, these side channels decrease your window width by 5 inches, delivering unparalleled darkness.

Although side channels provide an enhanced blackout experience, they might not be the ideal choice for those who prefer a trace of light in their room. They tend to be more expensive and less visually appealing compared to standard blackout shades. We advise considering side channels only if you require an exceptionally dark room.

Our side channels are available in five colors, matching perfectly with the L-shaped facia: bronze, white, silver, black, and ivory. However, bronze, white, and silver are the most popular choices, as we rarely use black and ivory. We strive to match the side channel color to your existing window frames, creating a seamless integration when the shades are fully raised. For instance, bronze windows work best with bronze side channels and facia.

Please be aware that blackout shades with side channels are primarily designed for inside mount windows. Although we have installed side channels on outside mounts in specific situations, the aesthetics can be compromised when shades are raised. Keep this in mind as you explore our gallery and envision the perfect blackout solution for your needs.
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