Welcome to our motorized open Solar Shades video gallery, where you can explore various levels of openness that provide different degrees of light control, privacy, and heat control. Please note that none of these openness levels offer privacy at night when it’s dark outside and lights are on inside

However, during the day when the dominant light source is outside, you can enjoy both an outward view and privacy, as the screen material reflects the more dominant light. We offer a range of openness levels, including 3%, 5%, 10%, 14%, and 25%. While 14% and 25% are less commonly used, our most popular options showcased in the videos below are 5% and 10%. All our screen materials undergo rigorous testing in specialized labs to ensure optimal performance. Browse through our collection to find the perfect motorized solar shade solution that balances your needs for light control, view preservation, daytime privacy, and heat control.
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